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Schrodinger is a satanic cat Virtual YouTuber who makes content in English and Korean.

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"Oh, HELL YEAH!" Lord Astron's right hand servant and a Lieutenant of Hellfire 2nd Division, Schrodinger. Every where Schrodinger goes to fight, There was only agony and pain left behind. ...according to Human’s news outlet.

A peace treaty was signed after a long 5 years of war between humans and the demons. And Schrodinger’s Hellfire 2nd Division was Dismissed.

Schrodinger, who really liked fighting in war, decided to make a Twitch channel to soothe his bored and lonely, itchy body as her work disappeared very quickly.

Whether she is a boy or a girl, he will talk kindly to everyone in the chat and talk shit and stomp those noobs.

Fun fact: has crippling alcohol addiction featuring liver failure.

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