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SCGsWorld サミー

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SCGsWorld Is a very shy Dog / Wolf (Ancient legend Kemonomimi) Vtuber who plays video games, and draws in private times. She streams and always interacts with her audience, doing her best to build an amazing community. Her community is LGBTQ+ and Disabilities friendly and welcomes any and everyone

She is also a Disability Vtuber and also well always loves trying new things. Sometimes she has a few problems with reading & spelling things. She also trying to find people who are disabilities just like her so she wouldn't be alone and find people who can understand her and know she isn't alone.

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Ancient legend Kemonomimi of a Dog/Wolf. She Doesn’t know where she came from because She keeps searching for a place that calls home that understands her and keeps her safe.

{There is a lot more to her story, Please check out her Social Media if you would like to see her’s whole story. This is a small perk}

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