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Scarlett Blanc

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May 25,2021
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Your chaotic nine-tailed fox/ demon kitsune from the underworld, guardian of the 7 rings. A life full of chaos, cozy vibes and a healthy dose of ara-ara. ❤

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In the 8th Century, Kitsunes were the legendary and celestial creatures of the heavens, guiding humans with their kindness, wisdom and passion. The highest of them all were a rare number of Kitsune Tenko, which are the greatest form of Kitsunes.

But for a certain celestial family, Shiro Blanc found that having fun is important too, disobeying the path of the heavens, Shiro has paved a way for Kitsunes to the underworld granting them diffirent abilities along with their naturally born celestial powers.

Scarlett Blanc, born from Kitsune Tenko, Shiro and Lilith. She was given the duty to guard the entrances of hell. The 9 Rings of Inferno. Scarlett and Charon guide souls of the sinners around the underworld and helps with the paperwork through Hades and Satan for all entries.

As she was visiting Charon for her rounds, Scarlett saw a small light peering through the main gates of hell and showed her the overworld, where she discovers the internet and video games. She introduces technology to the underworld thus, progressing their world and allowed demonfolk and more to visit the overworld freely with disguises.

Scarlett delves into the world of Vtubers, learning about how to make new friends, and enjoy the rest of her eternal life with video games and a tasteful dose of ara-ara.

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