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Satan Bones

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I am Satan Bones, and I am an undead skeleton that was sent here from a “fantasy world” (according to what people say in this world) to your world. I have a floating skull and mainly wear baggy clothing like sweatshirts and sweatpants. I do not go out much due to being undead, but hopefully this will get me more out of my shell! I hope to learn more and meet some fun people!

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I used to live outside in a graveyard of the great city of Necrotropolis. It was quite peaceful. Very quiet and calming. Some might say it was dead silent. My boys and I would constantly protect our graveyard so that no one comes through. We would have ups and downs, but we always got up. It all changed one day when (the pain is hard to forget...) an inexperienced mage tried to exercise all of us. Bro, it was like being incinerated, twice! Well, thinking I was done for and I was finally going to hit the big clouds in the sky, I got sent to your world. Now, this was very unexpected. Your world is not something I can get used to right away. Being undead in a world full You know what I mean. Being undead is not easy in this world. I was able to find a job and place to live after a while. I usually have to stay indoors because people freak out a lot seeing a skeleton walking around...(awkward). I can not count the number of conversations I have had with landlords or bosses about making people freak out (in my opinion, they should have to know what they were getting themselves into, ha). I learned after a while this world is not so bad. It got into gaming and drawing from learning about all of your cultures. I love RPGs so much. Makes me feel at home. I am just excited to learn more from all of you, Humans! Stay Spooky, bros!

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