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Sam is a female pngtuber that stream on twitch. She enjoys streaming Genshin Impact and osu!, maybe sometimes variety games with friends. No more laggy streams, cuz Sam now has a new pc with smooth graphics and comfy gameplay streams!!!

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Bianci Kuroo, a catgirl from a noble family that manages mafia gangs from Japan to Italy. Being half Japanese and half Italian, she assist her father in handling groups of mafia being the mafia gang leader in Italy. She potraits herself as a responsible and reliable person when it comes to helping her father. On the other side when she visits her parents back in Japan, especially her mother, Bianci very much enjoys some quality time with her mother. She often bake or go grocery shopping with her mother showing her soft and gentle self to her queen. Towards her friends, Bianci is a very fun and easy-going catgirl to be with. Bianci also has an older brother called Gino Kuroo, while Bianci manages the mafia gang in Italy, her brother, Gino manages the Japan side of things.

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