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Salt is a Salty Demon VTuber whose primary focus is streaming various video games, recording LPs and walkthroughs, as well as reacting to various video game content, anime, and manga.

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Salt is your average everyday demon, well a Salty Demon to be specific, who takes pleasure in smoking and playing video games. Salty Demons tend to isolate and keep to themselves. Hardly ever in a pleasant state of mind, their reactions to the misfortunes or others can range from indifferent to scaldingly sarcastic. One day he decided to divest from typical salty demon behaviors, leave his shadowy corner of the Netherworld, to take a trip the Mortal Realm where his vices originated from. More or less he found the mortals and the realm they inhabited amusing, and so chose to remain to observe how they along with the things they create that spark his curiosity and interests progress over time. To add on, he is a generally moody and foul-mouthed person, so Salt finds it strange that any mortals would form any kind of attachment to him, but many begun to spring up all the time with their "kindness"... Since he began his own ventures in trying his hand at the trend that they call "VTubing" and "VStreaming" their "kindness" seems to be impacting his innate Salty Demon nature...

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