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Ryu Shishido is a Virtual Youtuber who is from the Philippines.

Ryu likes to play a variety of games, but he likes to play FPS games and fast paced games most of the time. He likes singing too- and singing is one of his passions. Ryu is also a part of a vtuber group called "Cozmos"

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In a mystical jungle from a far away land, a blue lion named as "Ryu"- was travelling through the wilderness until he crossed paths with a dying spirit. Wanting to help the said spirit, he offered anything that he can give; anything in his power to help. The spirit then asked for Ryu's strength and dexterity, which would eventually cause him to lose his lion form and turn him into a beastman. Despite knowing that he's not gonna have any benefit from this, he still chose to help the dying spirit- which then gave him the form that he possesses now.. (rest of lore will be revealed soon)

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