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RUSTicisHere is a Male Vtuber that makes English content. He mainly plays roblox and is still learning to talk to people and overcome shyness. Usually just hoping for the best for everyone.

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A random alchemist that wondered how extreme poison alchemy could get by using rust from metal into potions. A law got passed that banned all extreme forms of alchemy and magic, making it all illegal. Turning the curious alchemist into a criminal. From there they moved to a back alley and set up in a abandoned store that used to sell alcohol, claiming the store as their own, practically rebranding the place to be a black market for extreme forms of alchemy. There wasn't much business there due to most people that have bought that type of alchemy to be arrested if found with it. To which they just started doing other hobbies by playing games and drawing... that was until people started to visit the store to just watch what the alchemist was doing...

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