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Ruru Rollin

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Ruru is a comfy phoenix angel vtuber/vstreamer. She plays a variety of games but mainly plays FFXIV.

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Ruru is half angel and half phoenix. She was raised in the human world by her father who is an angel. She never really knew why they had to live amongst humans or where her mother was.

When she reached adulthood, her father had to leave telling her he had a duty he needed to fulfill in the celestial world. Ruru asked her father if she could go with him but he told her she couldn’t and she should stay in the human world. She was sad to see her father go, she didn't know how long he would be gone for, or if her father would even return. He assured her that he would be back, and told her he will be watching over her and then gave her a gold earring that she could hold onto while he's gone. Choosing to have faith in her father she gathered up her courage and looked up at him with a smile "Ok Papa I'll be here when you get back."

While looking forward to the day her father returns, she decided to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment she spends with her precious friends.

Ruru's Awakening

Years have passed and Ruru’s father hasn’t come back. She has been worried about her father. What duty was so important that her father had to be gone for so long?

She started thinking of going after her father, but how? Unlike her father, she hasn’t been able to use her powers. She’s always thought that maybe she’s just more human than angel. And that never mattered to her as long as she was with her father.

But now, she doesn't care whether she’s special or not, she needs to find her father. She spent her time trying to figure out how to use her powers. Whenever she’s losing hope she would always think back to her childhood, her father would always show her some angel magic tricks to cheer her up.

She is glad that she has her best friend V to help her. V would always help her do research about angels in the hopes of finding clues on how to use her powers. But alas, they couldn’t find anything. Until one day, Ruru stubbed her toe on a table stand, as she screamed in pain. lights suddenly started shooting out of her and her toe stopped hurting. Ruru looked at V and then they knew, Ruru’s powers had finally awakened, and they both celebrated.

Ruru started training her powers. It took her some time to master her powers, at first she could only transform into a floof ball and then eventually was able to summon her wings. Thinking about her father and having her best friend V with her was what kept her going.

And then the time has come, Ruru decided to go to the angel realm to look for her father. V was really worried and offered to go with her, but Ruru didn’t let V go with her. Ruru reassured V that she will be ok and this is something that she needs to do on her own. Ruru thanked V for all their help and for always being there for her and said her goodbye before leaving.

Angel Arc

Recalling the day her father left for the Celestial Realm, using her powers, she opens the portal like how her father did. After saying her last goodbye to her best friend V, she enters the portal to the celestial realm.

Upon arriving at the gates of heaven, she meets a gatekeeper who asks her who she was and what she was doing here. Ruru informed the gatekeeper that she was from the Human Realm and was looking for her father who is an angel.

The gatekeeper took a good look at the half angel in front of him and thought that she bears a big resemblance to someone he knows. And then he realizes, it all adds up. The gatekeeper figured out who Ruru was looking for. With a gentle smile, the gatekeeper says “I see. Come follow me, I’ll bring you to someone who knows where your father is.”

After following the gatekeeper for a while, they have reached a cabin where a certain retired archangel lives. The gatekeeper knocks on the door, “Hey Michael, it’s me. There is someone here that you’d want to meet.”

After a few seconds, the door creaks open and the archangel appears. The gatekeeper explains the situation to Michael and then turns to Ruru. “This is Michael, though now retired, he was one of the strongest archangels. But anyway, he knows your father very well, I am sure he can help you. It is nice to meet you Ruru, I will have to get back to my duty now.” After saying goodbye, the gatekeeper makes his way back to his duty, guarding the gates of heaven.

Now alone with the archangel, Ruru introduces herself once more as she bows “H-hi I’m Ruru, the gatekeeper told me you know where my father is?” Looking at the half angel before him. Michael is sure of it, this is his beloved brother’s daughter. “Yes, he is my brother after all” Ruru’s eyes widened after hearing Michael’s words, the angel before her is her uncle. “Your father is not here in the Celestial Realm” Michael says with sadness visible on his face.

“W-what do you mean? My father said he was going to the celestial realm. Did something happen?” Ruru says as panic and confusion starts to settle within her. “Let me bring you to him. It’s better if you see for yourself.” Michael says as sadness is still visible on his face. This made Ruru feel uneasy while she followed Michael.

After arriving at a nearby flat land, Michael starts weaving signs to open a portal. Watching the portal unfold, Ruru notices dark and fiery pits on the other side of the portal. “What is this place?”

“This is the underworld, also known as Hell.” Michael says as he beckons to Ruru to come over and enter the portal. “But, what would my father be doing in hell?” Ruru asks as she makes her way through the portal with Michael. “I will explain everything to you on our way there,” Michael says. “Why are you talking as if my father is ..” Ruru trails off as Michael starts telling her what happened while making their way into a castle that seems to be located at the center of Hell.

“Your father was very special, definitely one of the most powerful angels that ever lived. He has great control over his power. And for that reason, your father was chosen to watch over Hell and keep its corruption from spilling over to the other realms.”

After hearing this, Ruru realizes how important her father’s duty is and feels proud. “Your father figured out a way to leave a portion of his power in Hell so that the corruption stays in check even without his presence, granted that he would return from time to time to keep the dwellers of hell, also known as demons, in check as well. He apparently has taken a liking to the Human Realm and stayed there for a while. Turns out he made a family there, I’m glad he has found happiness and lived well there” Michael smiles at Ruru.

Upon reaching the castle, they make their way inside. “The day my father left, I doubt it was just for a routine check. He was saying goodbye as if he was going to be gone for a while.” Ruru says as she grabs the gold earring her father gave her.

With a wry smile, Michael replies “Yes, It was around that time, a conflict had risen in Hell, and we had to call your father back. One of your father’s trusted Demons has betrayed him and allowed corruption to spill into the human realm. It turns out that this Demon has been plotting this for a while. By the time we found out, too much damage had already been done. To bring the world back into balance, your father had to make a sacrifice.”

“What ..sacrifice?” Ruru asks, fearing it is what she thinks it is. “The ultimate sacrifice, his own life” Michael says as they enter a big altar room within the castle. As Ruru registers what Michael had just said, something has caught her attention and she turns her eyes at the center of the altar room, she sees what looks like a floating goat skull that is chained to the ground. Inside the goat skull was a glowing purple light. ‘Why does this purple light feel familiar?’ and then she realizes what this purple light is. “Michael, tell me… What exactly happened to my father?” Ruru says as she starts tearing up.

Understanding Ruru’s realization, Michael continues. “Sacrificing himself meant giving up everything, even his physical form. In order to bring the world back into balance and keep corruption from spilling into other realms again, he had to chain down his very soul into the heart of Hell.”

Ruru was silent for a while, “Can I have a moment alone with him?” she asks Michael. “Of course, I will meet you back at the Celestial Realm, I’ll leave the portal open.” Taking one last glance at Ruru, Michael takes his leave letting the half angel have a moment with her father.

Losing all the strength she had, she drops to her knees. “Papa, I’m here. I finally found you.” Looking up at the glowing purple light that she learned is her father’s soul. “I’m sorry I took so long.” Ruru starts shedding tears as she lets out all the words she’s been wanting to tell her father. “I should’ve come here sooner … I should’ve looked for you sooner.”

She was going through a lot of emotions, one of them being regret. Regret that she wasn’t there for her father this whole time he was here by himself. Or maybe things would’ve been different if she went with her father in the first place, she could’ve done something to prevent him from turning into this.

After a while, her tears have dried. She started collecting her thoughts, she is accepting the fact that there’s nothing more she can do about things that already happened. But, there is something she can do now. “I will do anything to free you from this place father, I will burn down the heavens if I have to.”

With a new found determination in her eyes, she makes her way back to the celestial realm.

Fallen Arc --to be continued--

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