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Rocco Pops

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Rocco Pops is a female English Virtual YouTuber. She debuted on March 7, 2021. Rocco's model was designed and rigged by funamusea.

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Rocco was born as a half-wolf/half-human hybrid. In the world she is from, there exists pureblooded beastmen and humans. Her mother and father were both invited to take part in experimentation to become one of the first synthetic beastmen. Her mother's experimentation was a success, turning her into the first half-human/half-wolf hybrid. Her father's experimentation was unsuccessful, and thus he remained human. After the experiments ended, they returned to ordinary society. They divorced when Rocco was around three years old.

Rocco has an older brother, but another also acted as a brother to her during her childhood - a boy named Reese. Rocco states he was kind and caring despite his scary-looking appearance. She cannot remember his voice as they were only together for a short period of time during the experiments. She has not seen Reese since her family moved back to society.

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