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Rocco Farend



Rocco Farend is an armadillo ENVstreamer. He streams varied gaming content, although he is a game developer by trade, and has mentioned streaming game development at some point. He is energetic and friendly, but clumsy, easily startled, and quick to curse. At a whopping 4'8" excluding his ears and 5'2" with his ears, Rocco is what's known as a "short king". His birthday is December 25th.

Lore Edit

As far as we are concerned, the lore states that Rocco is just some guy. Rocco, however, continually provides conflicting information under the guise of memes. Take any and all "lore" with a grain of salt. If everything he has said is to be believed, then:

  • Rocco is half dragon.
  • Rocco is completely bulletproof, despite not having a shell.
  • Rocco has two sets of ears, hiding his human ears beneath his hair.
  • Rocco is actually four armadillos, having absorbed his quadruplet brothers in the womb and gaining their power.
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