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Riya Tomika

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Riya Tomika is a female VTuber streamer. She enjoys singing, horror (Kind of), art, voice acting, and more! Her soft high-pitched voice make her even more loved by others and her chaotic, funny personality. Her birthday is on December 15. Her height is 149 cm (4'11″). Her zodiac sign is an sagittarius.

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Have you ever heard about the story about the monster that saved the soul kingdom then disappeared? Well.. Once upon a time, their was a big dark beast, it was so big it burned a whole kingdom! Was about 7ft or more! Well.. That's what the books say.. I always wounded were the monster went after the big attack.. Where did she go..? And why? I still not understand why she left me.. but this f̷͖͔͉̠̭̙̈́̏͐͘̚͜͝i̷̧̺̠̯̲̠͐̎ņ̶̧͕̯̗͍̖͖̃̀̄̋̈́͑é̵̢̻̹̟͍͇̼͜

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