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Rie is a trans female highland cow vtuber/vstreamer who makes content in English. Generally Rie does gaming let's plays, quite often with an emphasis on games from her childhood or retro-style games, but also will occasionally do art streams creating Vroid avatars for her friends.

Rie streams on YouTube, at 7pm BST/GMT whenever possible and on every possible day.

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Rie is a amalgam, which is a conglomeration of living loci, concepts given form by the human mind through the backplate. The backplate a superior dimension which contains the information that the universe is based upon, but this can be warped by narrative.

Rie is currently stored inside of an unknown web server after a rogue experiment by the European Union's Department of Plasmateology led to her creation as part of project 'Red Maiden', with the goal of creating a living loci which can prove beneficial to humanity.

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