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Rena (Jingleriot)

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Jingleriot, a lost space alien from the neon robot hellscape, Noth F69. The humans call her Rena. she likes to try their "games" on twitch. Please inform her of the most knowledgeable "games" you would like to see her attempt to learn more of your culture. Thank you, fellow humans~

Warning: Chaotic in nature, will most likely ask you what your sign is on first meeting.

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Name: Rena Age: 28 Terran Yrs old, Born March 26th, Noth F69 Height: 4’11” (Not Including Horns) Gender: Female (She/They) Hair: Pink, Green, Black Eyes: Green and Pink, Multiple Eyes Occupation: N/A Scars and Marks: N/A Nationality: Nothian, humans refer to her as a “cryptid” on occasion.

      • CAUTION *

Rena, A.K.A. Jingleriot, is wanted for counts of Arson, Bribery, Conspiracy to Overthrow Nothian Officials, Drug Possession, DUI, Indecent Exposure, Involuntary Manslaughter, Robbery, Grand Theft Auto, and Treason. She is currently in possession of Intergalactic Council property and is considered armed and dangerous. Current whereabouts unknown, but Terra is suspected due to similar transmission signals.

Please approach entity with caution if you MUST engage at all and notify the Intergalactic Council immediately.

Incident Report: The fugitive was last seen on the Eos Terminal in the heart of the Federation of Planets. It is reported that the entity was fleeing Nothian officials after inciting riots against the A.I. rulers that recently took power. Originally in captivity on Noth, the entity was reportedly stowed away on a trading ship with help from other unidentified Nothian fugitives. They were said to have stolen a handful of goods on board (including but not limited to: Melange, Substance D, Opium, and 27 crates of Whiskey). They then made contact with the Eos Terminal where it is suspected they stayed in hiding until coming into contact with Intergalactic Federation property (entity ID: Tempest-Class). The fugitive was then spotted once again in the Eos docking bay as they absconded with the frigate and blasted a meteor sized hole in the docking bay on escape. Contact was lost with the frigate around the Milky Way, but similar frequencies have been picked up within the galaxy which leads officials to believe the fugitive is still within the galaxy. Consider them armed and very dangerous.

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