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Rena is 28 human years old and likes to play video games. Profane, insanely unprofessional on camera, and sometimes directly flirting with the audience. A variety streamer who most often can be found playing Overwatch, indie games, and horror, as well as hanging out with associated acts such as Maji_the_Lich and Raducky, among others. A programmer, artist, and scoundrel who's obsessed with astrology, tarot, scifi, horror, and RPGs.

Warning: Chaotic in nature, will most likely ask you what your sign is on first meeting.

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A lost space alien from planet Noth F69. The only working equipment on her ship was her super space computer, where she discovered the human internet and their marvelous video games. She now spends her time trying to converse with the humans in hopes of repairing her ship and returning home, and learning about their culture through the best form available: video games.

A cryptid who lives in the woods in a run down space ship, looking only for new human friends and some good hard space cash.

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