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Ren Kannazuki

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Ren is a chill Vtuber who particularly enjoys grand strategy games and 4Xs, production/management games, city-builders, story-builders, and other slower-paced strategic games. However, Ren will play other games - especially if they contain sci-fi, history, or cute stuff, and Ren will sometimes run programming streams as they work on coding up various mods and other projects.

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In the far future, after humanity discovered just how many problems they could solve by putting a teenager in a giant robot, war and disaster soon became a thing of the past. Having achieved prosperity and peace, much of the human population departed this world for space, leaving behind many of their less-mobile machines and devices, watched over by robots and AIs like Ren: formerly a maintenance mech at one of the mecha factories, and now one of the caretakers for the Earth humanity left behind. But it turns out watching over the legacy of humanity is pretty darn boring, so Ren figured out how to hook an old time machine up to a hyper-modem and stream their consciousness back through time to the 21st-century internet.

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