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RedFoxRara is a male Vtuber playing a female Kumiho (Korean Fox Spirit) who streams a variety of games, and loves ranting about his passions. While he speaks English fluently, he's constantly surprised at the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Rara streams almost every day on Twitch at 6PM PST!

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In the first year of RedFoxRara's Vtubing career, the person behind the avatar used Rara, as their Vtuber model. However, on December 25th, 2021, in an unfortunate mishap with Jesus, he would accidentally be murdered. He was then isekai'd to the digital realm where his soul fused with RedFoxRara's.

On Rara's side of things: She was originally a normal Fox, but after traversing the Earth for a hundred years she became a Kumiho. (Korean Fox Spirit) On top of sentience, she also gained the ability to transform into a human. She quickly became accustomed to life in the human realm, and has lived peacefully among them for over four hundred years. Having gained a Fox tail for each century being alive, she now donned six beautiful tails. 

As time grew on however, Rara desired a return to the past. Long had she missed the simple days of being a normal Fox, so she left behind her worldly belongings and moved to the Spiritual realm. She'd always been fascinated with the Forest, a primal feeling from her time spent as an animal. That said, Rara found her home in the eternal Autumn forest of the spirit lands. She lived there for many years before...

...her soul fused with an Otaku's. Rara, now reborn again, realized for the first time that the life she had lived was fake. Both sets of memories became one, and she now knew that her world was created by man, and that the person who created her was the man she'd fused with. Having gained all of his interests, she used her spirit powers to "obtain" all the anime, games, and electronics she wanted. Now she streams on the internet as a pretend "anime girl" despite literally being one.
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