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RaWolf is a male Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. He generally plays online games that are based on a good background story, he tends to highlight indie games that are underrated.

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Amura is a reserved and quiet person, those combine elements with his wandering looks make him distant from people. He travels mostly with his black hoodie over his ears and crosses the lands through the forest. But he is not alone, Amura got his best friend with him that never left his side during the crisis of his life. A female malamute dog going by the name of Fade, she got beautiful black and white fur and looks most of the time quite serious. Fade will most of the time growl towards unknown people or alerts her master when there is danger. The two travel from city to city as they never really found a place where they are accepted for what they are, Amura also never used his powers if he didn't require to do so. He does react to injustice if it happens close to him and uses rather his experience as a former military officer than his elementals. His weakness is the full bright moon as it will change Amura into a blood lusted beast that will hunt anything to get the taste of blood.

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