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Rakuji (also know as Raku) is a very energetic and carefree feminine boy. He makes terrible puns and jokes, pervy at times, and tries to prove that he's manly. Also, he has mood swings... a lot of mood swings.

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As a half-breed, he was raised by his elf mother Yoru Ayano (leader of the night tribe). In his early days, people in the tribe mistreated him for being half-dragon which made him rebellious, sneaking out at night, stealing food, and seeking entertainment to his boredom. One day, everything goes south. Raku knocked down a light pole, accidentally started a fire, almost burning down every home. People had a few injuries but no casualties. Ayano was extremely upset with him and said harsh words to her son without thinking, which make him run away never to see again. Raku was a lone wolf till found... by his father Yoru Ryoko. A wise yet ferocious dark dragon. Yet years later, he has died from an ambush while Raku had to run away a 2nd time. 150 years later, he was found dying deep into the forest by now his master, Snake. He treated him and gave him an opportunity to prove himself as a man.... by working as his maid. Years later, Raku is now working as head maid of Snake's Mansion.

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