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Rachael is a female VStreamer from the United Kingdom, living in the United States, who streams Variety on Twitch primarily, but has recently also started creating YouTube videos. (as of January 17th, 2021).

She streams on her Twitch channel from 10AM EST to 2PM EST on Tuesdays-Saturdays, and spends Sunday - Monday editing her YouTube videos. Since Rachael is independent, sometimes this takes her a little bit longer than she would expect. Rachael uses a variety of programs to record and edit, all of which she's happy to talk about if you ask!

Rachael's streams have a chill, yet somewhat high energy environment where cursing and laughter are never far apart. While she doesn't produce any explicitly NSFW/18+ content, her streams and content are for mature audiences only due to the nature of some discussions that take place on her Twitch and Twitter. Please DO NOT interact if you are below the age of 16, due to the nature of some of the topics. Rachael also has no plans to produce NSFW content, while she has considered it in the past - it's just not something she wishes to do at present. (As of February 2nd, 2021)

Rachael is open to discussion about all topics, but can be very blunt. She is also extremely honest in her opinion, and has no intention to make everyone happy with them. While she has similar opinions to most, she has no fear in expressing how she truly feels about some topics and will often express the desire for change. Because of this, her chat and her often end up in quite lengthy discussions about said topics.

She loves chat interaction, but is also decently competitive and values success in the games she plays. While not the best, she does value the skills she does have - and tries her best to be a team player while being as entertaining as she can!

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Rachichu/Rachael has no lore. Rachael's personality is exactly the same as the person behind the avatar. (Obviously, made a little more entertaining to watch!)

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