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Queen Nyrine

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Nyrine is a chaotic variety streamer who makes content in English. Her streams are generally loud, irreverent comedy shows with lots of lore and chat engagement. While she enjoys playing a wide range of games, she tends to gravitate toward indies and more obscure titles. As she is also an artist (who created her own model) , she is planning to begin doing art streams in the coming year!

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Nyrine is a siren who was spawned as part of a blood ritual off the coast of Ireland 271 years ago. Up until recently you could find her terrorizing the ocean with her pod, consuming sailors and asserting her dominance over anyone that dared look at her funny. One day, while sneaking away to play some video games, she happened upon a Carnival Cruise ship. This glorious abomination against god and nature gave her a newfound respect for humanity, and she enrolled in S.O.R.R.Y. - a rehabilitation program for monsters and semi-monsters looking to shed their human eating ways and take up a more ethical diet. As of today she doesn't have enough self control to actually go amongst humanity (they still smell like pork), but streaming provides her with a safe outlet by which to get to know them as a species!

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