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Pyonni is a bunny Virtual YouTuber who likes flowers.

She is an airhead who loves snacks. If you have come to be drowned in cute fluffy vibes, you might be fooled by her appearance and adorable voice. She is sometimes a yandere, but only sometimes.

Her content focuses on making her viewers have fun along her side and making sure to always give them a lot of laughter. She loves to play all sorts of games, mainly puzzles and shooters. No horror, she is a scared baby bun. She also draws and does graphic design, but she gets no work done when she streams her art.

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Once upon a time, there was a white dwarf bunny living in a cold dark lonely forest. She was searching for something to eat to soothe her hunger, and she stumbled upon a peony. She had yet to know it was a magical flower. It was glistening under the sun, almost as if it was glowing. Suspicious looking, don’t you think? But our friend did not have the intelligence to ask such questions. NOM! The bunny filled her tummy with the beautiful plant and took a nap. Then when she was awoken up from her slumber, she no longer was her same white fluffy self.

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