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Purgy is an introverted fox with a love for streaming and creating music. Often found hauling around various things and stuff in truck simulation games, although not exclusively. Purgy likes to maintain a chill atmosphere and feel for stream and has a habit of being something of an open book to their viewers. Purgy is also a musician, and sometimes shares their music, including some Patreon exclusives while live.

Occasionally, Purgy substitutes out of stream and lets Winter, their pet werewolf, stream in their place.

Purgy is a member of the Cyberstarslive VTuber group, and often streams with the others members.

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A fox with a love for driving/racing, raised in human society and adopted the human form, save ears and tail, early on to better fit in. Purgy gained a scar and lost most vision in their right eye when initially adopting Winter, their pet werewolf, from the wild.

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