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Pumpino is an english streamer who is mainly focused on making a safe and welcoming community. They typically stream various video games & art, while usually starting every stream with the game 'Kind Words'. Their streams are family-friendly and aim to be very comfortable.

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Pumpino woke up one day without really understanding why. After scaring away the first person they met, they came to understand they were a scarecrow on a farm. A human by the name of 'Brebna' took them in and helped them learn more about the world. They were introduced to a computer and they fell in love. After several months they realized why they felt lonely despite talking to so many people online; they were lying about who they were. Now they've decided to face their fears and tell everyone they are indeed a scarecrow. When they're not streaming they can be found tending to the farm in place of the farmer they scared away.

Pumpino is the flame inside the pumpkin head, not the pumpkin itself. Therefore they can be moved inside other things and will animate whatever they are inside of. The flame can also consume anything put inside it, save for a few exceptions. Other than the head their body is all straw.

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