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This Is Prince Mai, The Owner Of The Royal Court!

A 25 Year Old TransMasc Pomsky(Pomeranian-Husky) VTuber/VStreamer That Plays Games & Draws Digital Art!

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Prince Mai loves to entertain his loyal subjects of The Royal Court, whether it be games or showcasing his art. His kingdom is a place of sanctuary, keeping all those in it safe and comfortable. He bares his fellow LGBTQIA+ siblings in arms from throughout the world. A kingdom where you can explore being yourself and be surrounded by love.

Though will stand his ground in the face of anti-LGBTQIA+ and inequality. Let the people of LGBTQIA+ have their rights and be heard! That is Prince Mai's goal, doing his best to keep his palace open to those looking for a safe haven.

Though he might seem blunt, his intentions are always good. Nothing means more than caring for his loyal subjects, even if the truth might be hard to take in. The prince may come off like a kind older sibling or parental figure if he feels inclined. Alas, most of the time he can be an energetic goofball, playing games looking like a clown.

No matter the technical difficulties, everything he does is in his best interest to mean well.

Prince Mai waits for you, humbly with open arms and love. Welcome to the kingdom!

(Lore Created By @KiharaLucian On Twitter)

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