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Plotbunny is a virtual bunny girl streamer from America who streams in English. Aptly named after a writing term - Most of Plotbunny's streams revolve around writing or working on other aspects needed to create visual novels. While she does stream games and often collabs with other streamers, she prides herself on her writing and knows that is where the focus for her platform rests.

Plotbunny's genres are fantasy and romance - meaning there are a lot a sword fights and hand holding (how lewd). And although she may not market herself as 18+ her writing is very much that and her streams are labeled as such. Plotbunny herself can be very bashful but she doesn't have a problem writing steamy scenes, so viewer discretion is advised when popping in to her writing workshops.

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Plotbunny has been a writer for well beyond a decade now. She has written over 55 books (none published do to her perfectionism), has studied creative writing, marketing, and art for years along side of obtaining a degree in secondary English education - to say she knows her way around the industry would be an understatement.

She originally started out as a streamer in hopes on creating teaching videos that walked beginners through the writing process. But as her name suggests, she quickly got sidetracked and fell in love with a completely new writing medium - visual novels.

Now Plotbunny hopes to release a new series of videos that detail the creation of a visual novels so those who wish to follow her in footsteps have an easy step-by-step guide to success.

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