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Piku is a robot mage who specializes in fire magic. They play a variety of games on their Twitch channel, including Minecraft, Hades, and a randomized build of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. They also do weekly prog for savage raids with their friends in Final Fantasy XIV. Piku is also a digital artist and sometimes streams progress on art commissions. Piku has a high pitched robotic voice and often makes remarks about setting things on fire. Their date of manufacturing is October 5. Their height is 154.94 (5'1).

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Not much is currently known about Piku, but it seems that despite being a robot, they still have a necessity to eat like organic beings do. This is because a long time ago, Piku learned how to channel the abyss, and cast a void spell. The spell was more powerful than Piku could handle, and the void ended up overtaking their body, creating a thin veil of void layering their head, destroying anything that makes contact with it. This technically didn't cause any damage, however Piku sometimes feels a sensation similar to hunger. If Piku doesn't consume something by making contact using their face, the void inside them will start tearing them apart. Piku can typically survive eating only once a day, but only if the food is especially tasty. In order to avoid hurting or killing others with their head, Piku wears a winged hood which also helps keep the void tamed.

Upon further questioning, it was discovered that Piku's hood is actually a familiar named Orobas. Orobas is a demon from the void who tempts its summoner with their deepest desires, possessing and draining them of their essence in the process. Due to Piku's robotic nature, they are not susceptible to possession, and so Orobas is stuck with Piku, bound by summoning contract.

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