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Pexxastar is a female virtual youtuber and a variety streamer She was known before back in 2016 for Yandere Simulator MMD videos on Youtube. Now she is streaming games doing art , animation in MikuMikuDance and karaoke over on her twitch channel. Her birthday is 24th of September. Her height is 162 cm (5'3") Her Zodiac Sign is a Libra.

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On one cloudy day a girl's life changes, she decides to the bridge in hopes of ending everything the one thing that made her who she is. Before long she is interrupted by a man in his 50's whoo approaches her and offers a help introducing himself as Andrew L Fisker. They drive to a hospital in the middle of nowhere where she sees 5 people who are supposed to save her from a misery. When she gets changed into a hospital gown thinking they will save her the man locks her up in a dark basement. Waking up next day in her cell she is brought to an examining room where serum is injected into her body. This transforms the young girl's body to have a features of a cat. But Pexxa is too aggresive at this point so Andrew administers second dose. Being suddenly too aggresive she kills the guards and he is pleased. As she gets stronger Andrew shows Pexxa to military praising her as his finest experiment. Military agrees on taking her in. That night a meteor appears on the sky and wipes out the whole facility killing everyone in instant, everyone except Pexxa and Andrew . While she watched Andrew died accepting her death too as she passes out blue light that came from the rubble surrounded her saying " I can fix you" Accepting this new entity into her body she wakes up all fine with few bruises. Pexxa who was previously a redhead now had a blue gradient hair and owl brows. That day it was announced that the accident had no survivors since Pexxa went missing. The Entity introduced itself as Matchiteihew a star creature. Now Matchiteihew ( Nicknamed Matchi ) lives in Pexxa's mind for 7 years as a result of a fusion. He takes a form of an owl that is barely visible outside Pexxa's body.

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