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Pengi is a penguin Virtual YouTuber who makes content in English. They are currently trying to learn Japanese.

He generally makes music creation streams, gameplays (horror, adventure, point and click and story based games), visual effects, karaoke streams and chatting streams.

They are the creator of VTUBER CARD GAME which is a card game about VTubers for VTubers to interact and play. His birthday is on July 13th and his height is 170.18 cm.

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Pengi is a penguin that got trapped here and decided to become a vtuber to interact with the human world. He was one day in his Igloo when all of a sudden a portal came out of nowhere and sucked him here into the human world now he is trying to find his way back home and thinks video games is the answer. He is still trying to get used to everything so he might be a little nervous when you first meet him but they are always so kind and gentle.

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