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Oztsukimun is a mute Vtuber/VStreamer that spends excessive amount of time battling Trolls while streaming on Twitch. Despite being an airhead at battling. A sucker for good stories. Even dabbling in the world of comics and manga. Horror excites whether in books, games, and media. Fascinated by history. And constantly researches on topics of Dinosaurs to Ghosts to Pirates. Age is a mystery, being born as a Pisces, on a leap year

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Once part of the selective chosen. Many battles were fought resulting in the loss of their voice. The struggle of communication made them unreliable. Excommunicated by their home. A new battle emerged to rediscover their voice, retrain, and re-strengthen their pride. Cold expressions of constant loss saw warmth, when discovering love of video games. Eager to practice speaking, they acquired their own console to help prepare for new threats that threatens the exist of the world they love.… Trolls

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