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Rin is a Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. She primarily plays older games, especially platformers, but she also has a storytime every Tuesday during which she reads books. Fantasy books are her favorite and she is planning to read through the entire Wizard of Oz series.

She is somewhat sheltered and bad at holding conversations, but hopes that streaming will give her the boost she needs to start making friends.

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Rin was once a perfectly normal girl in the perfectly normal world, but her perfectly normal life was suddenly cut short when she was involved in a horrible accident.

In the moments before her death, or perhaps it was in the moments afterward, a mysterious entity offered her the opportunity to be reborn in the virtual world. And all that it asked of her was that she try to interact with anyone she happened to meet in her new life in whatever way she felt was best.

So now Rin lives on in the virtual world. Her memories of her previous life are a bit fuzzy, and she doesn't fully understand everything she can do in the virtual world yet, but perhaps this new life is what she really needed all along.

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