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The humans call her Duni, your local insônio demônio. A soft spoken kuudere that can't control her awkward tendency to be extremely blunt. A bit of a clumsy derp, she is a variety professional gamer who streams in both English and Portuguese. Her birthday is March 14. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Her height is around 200 cm (6'7).

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A demi-demon who's other half is human, she comes from a ancient clan that exiled her as a child for not being a pure pure-blood oni. It was considered her sole destiny to guard a time dimension portal that both clans were forbidden to enter. Despite all of this she doesn't hold any grudges as she only longs for someone to talk to.

After mindlessly wandering her deserted desert homeland for eons she quite literally stumbled into the time dimension portal. Sensing her desperation a lazy cat familiar partially inhabited her body and now occasionally accompanies her inner thoughts. Ever since this fateful encounter her left eye gained the ability to control time and space but she usually only uses it to fast forward time out of boredom and impatience.

As a insomniac demon in her spare time she infects people with her insomnia so that there's more awake people to talk to during her lonely immortal life. She was originally a giant but due to the complications of tripping into the time dimension portal her body became that of a 140cm (4'7) child. Her Oni-chan is Kazama Chikage. She is addicted to the desserts of this current mortal dimension.

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