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2020 (???)
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On hiatus
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OniNya is a soft spoken ASMRtist and addicted g̶a̶m̶b̶l̶e̶r̶ gamer. She has social phobia and can't control her awkward tendency to be extremely blunt. She is too lazy most of the time to be pro at games but still tryhards and rages. Her birthday is March 14. Her Zodiac sign is Pisces. Her height is around 6,7. *meters (factual) (rounded to 22 feet) Due to having several chronic illnesses Duni cannot upload as often as she would like.

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Dunizi is a half oni ex-priestess whose other half is human, she comes from an ancient clan that exiled her as a child for not being a pure-blood oni. Despite this she doesn't hold any grudges as she only longs for someone to talk to. It was considered her sole destiny to guard a 4th Dimensional Gate that both clans were forbidden to enter.

After mindlessly wandering her deserted desert homeland of infinite sand dunes for eons she clumsily stumbled upon the sands of Time Gate. In search of a compatible host body the cat deity guardian of the Time Gate partially inhabited her body. It now lazily and occasionally accompanies her consciousness as a sadistic alter ego. She learned to dissociate from her inner thoughts in order to preserve her sanity.

Ever since this fateful encounter her left eye gained the ability to control the 4th dimensional space, (but she only uses it to accelerate time out of boredom and impatience). Spamming this ability has caused her to spawn clones that sporadically appear in random dimensions. Unbeknownst that these clones become bounded to human closets. In her spare time she infects unconscious humans with 'insônya' magic thus creating more conscious "friends" to talk to during her lonely immortal life.

Random Trivia:

She reached the great height of a 22 ft (manly) 'mini' giantess in her original realm. Stumbling into the Time Gate caused her body to become that of a 169 cm girl. She tends to be a crybaby that gets insecure about her age and height due to a youngest child inferiority complex. She's curiously fond of smaller creatures but they're scared of her hyperactive manner in approaching. She is addicted to the desserts of this current mortal dimension. She is very dense and has a god complex. She has a cat tail. She's known as an annoyingly useless NEET amongst unfortunate "peasant" mortals that she haunts. Originally she was a priestess that was supposed to use her magic to soothe mortals on the battlefield but her 'half blood' magic was too weak, (she got lost). OniNya's a sadodere, not a yandere. A sadodere is a 'brat' that enjoys teasing.

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