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Oneko Tyago is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. Frequently seen playing Ocarina of Time Randomizer and retro or retro-style games. His stream is referred to as "The Comfy Box" and his fanbase are called the "Onekozoku." May look like a girl but is actually a boy. Claims to be the world's cutest demon catboy and be "Half demon, half cat, all frien(d)." Has the greetings "Onekohayo" and "Onekonbanwa."

Lore Edit

Oneko Tyago is half bakeneko and half succubus, though that succubus half makes him half incubus. He is "Several billion years old" but was kicked out of hell fairly recently for, in his words "Being a terrible demon. But not like 'Rawr I'm gonna eat your soul' terrible, like, bad at being a demon terrible. I LIKE mortals and wanna squish all your cute faces." He chose to be born with a mortal body for a while to see what it would be like. As such, he will frequently refer to things such as "when he was young" within recent decades, but also refer to memories from times like ancient Greece. His apparent title is "Knower of Several Things."

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