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Okasan is a german VTube Mom who wants to create a safe place for everyone who needs it.

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'Maybe I can feel needed somehow' If you come from a wealthy family, then maybe you know your burden. But since Mikoto von Pyon left her old live a long time ago only her Last name remembers her of her heritage. She got pregnant quiet early in her life. Something she wanted to be was an Mom. She wanted to get called Okasan. And from this day Aileen was born she just introduced herself as Okasan. Her daughter Aileen , who wants to become an idol someday, likes her Mom very much but she is like a normal teenager with normal teenager Problems.

One day she discovered a little elven girl in the forest near her house. She bought her home (Aileen was not very happy about this and to be honest she still isn't till that day) and because the girl, named Tiffany, was so touched by Okasans kindness and tenderness she gave her a box of heart jewels. With them she could lure the soulless or nameless children around the world and giving them a place to stay and sometimes a new life as a child.

Okasan kept them in a safe place and used them wisely , whenever she could feel that a sould would need a vessel. But because of the jewels also a lot of children that could feel Okasans kindness and so she gave a place to stay for everyone who needed it.

Everyone who needs a Mom in there life has a chance to become part of the family. Temporary or forever. Okasan did not care she just wants to give the children the love she never received.

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