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ObsidionSkies, more often referred to as Obsidion (stylized as Obsidiøn), is a US based EN Vtuber/Vstreamer who focuses in a variety of content types. Most commonly, content is divided into the following categories:

  • Art/Illustration: character design, fanart, comic creation
  • Video Game: reaction content, competitive
  • Podcast: educational or topic discussion
  • Analytical: educational, game design, discussion
  • Memes: shitposts and other short form comedy

Future content that has been announced:

  • Highlight videos
  • Video Essays/Reviews
  • Lore/Storytelling
  • Music/Covers

Obsidion is self described as the "One and Only Virtual Geologist" and attempts to integrate education and science into most content. Despite many vtubers portraying a character, Obsidion is in fact an actual scientist with a degree in Geology.

Contrary to appearances, the female model Obsidion uses is not due to identifying as female or trans.The model is "a representation of [his] interests."

He streams mostly on Twitch, with sporadic videos posted to YouTube. Social media presence at time of writing is Twitter and Discord.

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Deep in the labs of Life Sciences Biomedical, PLLC., scientists were conducting an experiment with the goal of uploading a human brain into a digital space; however, during the experiment, an unknown command was received by the system network and triggered cascading system failure, reformatting of all data on the servers.

To preserve the experiment and test subjects, the brain was temporarily uploaded into the files for an in development A.I. system stored on an external drive separated from the network. This brain, which we now know belongs to Obsidion, inhabits the body of the A.I., the Cross-disciplinary Omni-functional Cybernetic Organizer (C.O.C.O.), who has been in sleep mode since the incident. Perhaps she will awake in the near future.

Unforeseen forces watch the duo, observing and waiting, though who they are and what their goal is, no one can yet say...

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