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Fucked up Pansexual Vampire Catboy from Space also named Nyuu, who used his power from the connection of light & darkness to create a new Universe, he called it:

  • The Nyuuniverse -

The Nyuuniverse stands for free Love, Tolerance and shall enable all lost & lonely Souls an alternative Home to Planet Earth. All his streams, his content & his CommNyuunity combined together are his New Universe, the Nyuuniverse.

  • Nyuu- loves to be creative and create new worlds with his music, vocals & sounds. He loves mixing genres, trying new things and not labeling himself or his music in any way. Nyuu lives polyamore & loves all Gender.

Nyuu is: neither male or female neither seiso or lewd neither light or Darkness neither Uke or Seme

Nyuu is ALL of this & nothing at the same Time!

Nyuu is Nyuu.

Nyuu mainly streams in German & English. He is a hobby music producer & singer but he focuses on gameplay & chat.

Nyuu started to stream 22.10.20 with his 3D Model & making his Re-Debut on 06.12.22 with his 2D Model & his Pet Model Nyuwu.

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C.A.T: Nyuu died as a Cat to defend his Friends and was reborn in Space by a Mystery Force as a Vampire Catboy. Nyuu is so powerful after he defeat the Mystery Force that he can create New Worlds & even entire Universes with his Energy and Teleport there. He is the combination of Light & Darkness transformed into new Life.

So Human..

Are you One with the Nyuuniverse & Ready to join his N.V.C. Army to create with him a new universe?

The End is just a Nyuu Beginning! Destiny waits , choose your way!

  • N.V.C. Army = When you become one with the Nyuuniverse, you are a Nyuu Cat. If you even support the Nyuuniverse, you become a Nyuu-V-Cat & part of his N.V.C. Army. (N.V.C. = Nyuu Vampire Cat)

  • Nyuwu = Nyuus non binary Pet & Vampire Nemu Neko Slime. Legends say that he was created, from a large part of the Light Nyuu's soul as an experiment of the Mystery Force.

  • C.A.T. = CAT is the narrator voice of the Nyuuniverse (Lore, trailers, stream alerts & his producer tag on his songs)

C.A.T. stands for:

Control And Transform

and is Nyuus computer assistant & new energy source with which he is now able to teleport and is more powerful than ever before. C.A.T. changed owners in the battle against the Mystery Force.

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