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Nyacho Chaotica

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Nyacho Chaotica is a Variety Virtual Streamer whose content is mainly in English but you can hear her ocasionally talk in Italian or Spanish. Their streams vary from vtuber rigging streams (tutorials or speedriggings where she selects a random follower and rig for free a model or an asset with a time limit for them), gameplays and karaoke. She has also a youtube channel for song covers, clips and model rig showcases.

She is not scared to try new games but her skills are mostly luck based. Streams are a mix of comfy and chaotic. Will occasionally stream horror games but she is easily scared.

Member of Vmirai vtuber group alongside Asunicha, Yumiitsu, Ziby, Himeki and Miwo.

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An unfortunate mix between a fallen chaos deity and a circus cat that thinks is a tiger.

Called to bring chaos and panic on earth, Chaotica poured her essence in a rock to take a humanoid form. Unfortunately, a circus tabby cat named Nyacho found the rock by chance and touched it during the process - making the two entities fuse together.

The result was Nyacho Chaotica, a confused entity full of chaotic energy with a cat brain and terrible sense of orientation.

Nyacho grew up in the circus and never saw other cats so she is convinced she is a tiger, that conviction was unfortunately kept after the humanisation as well. After stealing some circus props to have some clothes to put on, she decided to explore the area around. Got lost. Never found the way back.

Now she roams the world fighting her boredom and creating mischief.

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