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Niyumi (Formerly known as Teally),a Celestial Goddess Bear, is a female English VStreamer / Vtuber who is well known for being an extremely kind, and welcoming Vtuber. as well as someone who is very skilled in FPS games. She also streams a variety of other games. She does ASMR audios on Youtube as well! Check out her Twitch: Check out her Youtube:

Niyumi has high competitive integrity, and you can often find her streaming ranked / competitive playlist.

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Niyumi is a Celestial Goddess. She accidentally came to Earth on an escape shuttle when running into a black hole, during the time of seeking refuge after her planet got wiped out. After landing on Earth, Teally settled for some time before traveling back into space. On her journey through space, she visited multiple dimensions, wiping corruption and evil from the universe. Teally eventually gained insane powers and support through the love and care of those who became loyal to her, thinking of her as their savior and goddess.

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