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Nitrox and Glitchy are English Virtual Youtubers and Twitch Streamers. They make EDM music originals and remixes under the musical alias, Nitroglitch, and they stream under the name, NitroXglitchy. Although they've made videos on Youtube for years without a face to match the voice, the virtual forms of Nitrox and Glitchy are now in control of all internet content, and they want to give the world a chill and fun experience.

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Glitchy Suckoyami is a Dreaver. These musical alien shape-shifters are constantly confused with ghosts or genies in mortal worlds, since they haunt and devour memories, and possess the ability to materialize thoughts into reality. Glitchy devoured half of the cells of her host, Vante Chainzen (Nitrox), making them both into a Duality; two soul halves sharing a connection. Together, Nitrox and Glitchy traverse a world of perverse and vile monsters; the Ruijin of Casadastra. They just so happen to stream and make videos for fun, when not keeping their enemies at bay.

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