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neonspawn7 is a dino dog VTuber who makes gaming content in English.

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Im dinodog! (or dragondog, but thats less catchy hehe). i am the last of my former planet eating unstoppable species. I call myself a "dino" dog because dinosaurs seem to be the closest related things to what my species looked like thats on your planet (before your dinosaurs went extinct, which i want to clarify im 50% sure wasnt my fault..) I may have been rejected by my species for being a hybrid after spawning from wave 7, but before they could eat me i was rescued by a adoptive researchive humanoid species. My kind may have been evil, but that doesnt mean I have to be! Now I am sent to various planets to either help (or destroy) if needed, in favor of the ones who saved and raised me, and my current stop is here, Earth! And does this planet need help. (jeez, and i thought when earth had giant man eating lizards this place was messed up, howd it get worse!?) . And I am going to help through my content! I love gaming and conquering challenges, ill game anything! I want to help people that struggle with rejection or bullying from being different after knowing what thats like from the alien species I came from. This is 100% me, I strive being authentic as possible in my content. I was called spawn7 from the void planet I came from, but you can call me Neo ! half dino, half dog, all epic. this isnt even my final form!!!

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