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Nekoyanaki Necko

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Nekoyanaki Necko is a cat-human hybrid from Malaysia. He like to sleep and play FPS games. Also he get easily forgetful like forget how to speak. Despite that He always stream on time. He also trying to revied a fallen group

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Sometime ago, Necko was a normal stray cat. he do whatever a normal stray cat do eat food in trash steal fish and fight other cat. One day, Necko got a large fish from a human and that fish attract a lot of stray cat. Necko defend the fish but unable to overcome the groups of stray cat fighting him and then he died as the result of defending the fish. After the stray cats have left a human pick up Necko and bring his body into a lab. In that lab have a lot of machine. The human stop at one of the machine and put Necko Inside. The machine was made to bring back deceased human but the human want to test on animal so Necko being the test subject of the machine. Then the human turn on the machine and something unexpected happen Necko cat DNA has been mix with Human DNA the result of that making Necko body turn into cat - human hybrid with human intelligent. The human was to surprised and Necko Immediately Put into a cryotube to study more.

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