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NeetTuber (AKA Yoomers) is female a variety vtuber who streams in English. She is a robotic catgirl made out of computer parts. Yoomers is a casual gamer. preferring to play story-driven games as opposed to competitive ones. Due to this fact, she streams longform, opting for 7+ hour streams. She can often be clueless, but is extremely good at puzzle games. Her birthday is December 20th.

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Created in a lab in the late 90's, Yoomers was originally designed to take care of housework and maintenance for high up government officials. Over time, she became increasingly human and developed a lazy streak; leading her to be decommissioned and stored in a top secret warehouse location. There, she salvaged multiple high-tech parts, and managed to power a computer through her own body. Yoomers also has a pet cat, whose consciousness she digitally uploaded into a stuffed animal, with one singular camera lens as an eye.

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