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Nathalie Miko



Nathalie Miko is a redhead bunny girl Vtuber. She prefers to call herself "she". Described as mostly fun, promiscuous, downright bonkers, grimdark, and mostly loves destruction way too much- but she is a bunny with a heart of gold mostly. Designated as Keter class SCP due to instability and multiple personalities with a bit of reality-bending/telekinesis shtick. When it comes to games- she likes RPG, Retro, Shooters/FPS, Stealth Games, TTS, RTS, Simulators. Sometimes doing Just Chatting sessions as Youtube reacts, streamer reacts, or Q&A talks.

Lore Edit

Nathalie Miko is basically a mutated bunny girl (half human/half bunny/half everything). She is the offspring of Project ARES. She has expert-level firearm proficiency with 90% accuracy, peak stamina, peak endurance, superhuman strength (can carry 200 tons), expert-level martial arts skills, autodidact, knows multiple languages, skilled in evasive and offensive driving, peak level IT and Engineering skills, above average programming skills, IQ of 150, well cultured in different cultures, can resist interrogation and torture, able to survive in the wild and etc. The downside is the mental instability and outright murderous urges.

Project ARES is a US government program for the creation of mutated super soldiers based on the battlefield, law enforcement, and intelligence community needs. This specific project gives the animalized super soldiers various abilities (physical and mental) and additional organs based on various animals to make it efficient for field use. All test subjects are trained in firearms training, vehicle training (evasive and offensive) including maintenance, martial arts combat training based around the world, torture and interrogation training, radio training, bushcraft, foreign languages, world culture education, land/sea navigation, psychic training, espionage, olympian weight training, electronic engineering, programming and many more that is the basic standard for Tier 1 operators and Field Agents. Regarding this project, it has been rumored numerous scandals involving corruption to outright mistreatment and marginalization of test subjects. There are lots of escapes of so-called test subjects due to unbearable living conditions inside the black site facilities- mostly got executed or sent back to get repurposed.

Because of the terrible condition she endured on the black site she manages to escape while a bunch of heavily armed guards and military vehicles chase her. She became a fugitive and manage to couch surf or live outside to avoid the authorities and the special operation unit. One day, she manages to find refuge in Washington DC Vault-Tec Vault to hide while being disguised as a common civilian with faked papers. One day, World War 3 started and civilization ended right there. She ended up mingling there with Vault citizens until 5 years later. She manages to escape due to Enclave's raid on the Vault, killing a bunch of civilians and security personnel- not without killing a portion of the Enclave's troops inside the Vault. She manages to escape and went to the refuge at Megaton from there and throughout the Washington DC wasteland; she ends up doing some assignments for different factions like Brotherhood of Steel, random Raiders, and some random folks who are unaligned- basically a mercenary. She manages to destroy the Enclave base and eliminated the head honchos.

Stayed at the Wasteland DC for a year and moved to Nevada. Doing some stints for different people and doing mercenary work until deciding to join the New California Republic military. Rose through the ranks within a year until being quickly accepted into Rangers. Got dishonorably discharged due to numerous felonies and war crimes committed, was only sent to the brig for just a few months, and got released. With nothing to do, she ended up as a courier until she got shot by Benny and got fixed by Doc. After that, she decided to become a mercenary again and arms smuggler. She did work with different factions until she defeated Caesar's Legion on Hoover Dam. After the event, she quickly fled when the NCR military decided to turn their guns on her.

She jumped through different countries and states that became a wasteland like Mexico, the United Kingdom, Colorado, Boston, West Virginia, China, the Middle East, and Africa, until she ended up in Ukraine. During those times, she managed to build up her PMC called Wild Rabbits PMC- they are the best of the best as all criminals, warlords, and defacto governments just want their services. All those times she kept killing for fun and for money.

She manages to figure out how she can further use her psychic powers to the point she can warp to another reality. Nathalie ends up going into another universe- notably fighting Batgirl and ending up in Arkham Asylum, being an ICA contractor that is 5 steps below Agent 47, ending up as a Sith Lord named Darth Malys or is contained in the SCP facility but escaping numerous times with dead bodies.

Back to the current universe, she went to Ukraine, Nathalie managed to sneak inside the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone to do some tours and figure out if she can expand her operation there. She manages to get acquainted with mercenary leaders Dushman, Hog, and Leshiy. They gave her some contracts to be tested out and manage to succeed until becoming the boogeywoman of The Zone. She manages to ask Dushman if she can let her PMC enter and thus becoming the top dog in The Zone. Her arch-rivals in Ukraine would be Monolith, Free STALKERS, Military, Sin, Duty, and basically fellow mercenaries.

The story will continue...

IRL stuff: Job: IT Supervisor, Server Administrator, Data Analyst Hobbies: Cooking, Scale Model making, programming, scripting, gardening, Vtubing, studying random topics.

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