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Nat Lupin

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It's the thieving snow leopard, Nat Lupin! A very lewd femboy that decided that he wanted to be part snow leopard as well as being a professional gamer (he promises). Submissive and extremely breedable, also has a metal arm for an undisclosed reason.

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The elusive femboy criminal Nat Lupin (his namesake being Arsene Lupin) started out life as a human, but decided that being a snow leopard was so much more fun! He will say it was to assist in his "work" so he can business expense the genetic modifications. Aside from being an ALLEGED thief, Nat is a lewd charmer, always out to be bred. He also has a metal arm, likely after a heist or con gone wrong. Nat prefers to be more on the feminine side of androgynous, though his voice leans more masculine, but he wants to work on that!

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