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Nam is an orc Queen English and Spanish Virtual Streamer. Started the 7th February 2022 as a Bat VStreamer but then lately changed to her current design. She is known for being really relaxed in stream, interact with her followers and chat and a cute accent. Part of the LGBTQ+ community she is a mature/erotic artist who is really open to talk about anything in her streams, taboo or not. Loves Junk food that's why she got pins of her favorite delicacies. She retired to focus on art on July of 2023

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Namira Orzhova Valchyria is the Queen of Krad, Firikin an unknown land nowhere in maps, if someone wanted to find it would be near the Atlantic Ocean. Her mother was the Queen and raised her child as a fire-mancer but Nam didn't have much abilities in magic. After her teen years slowly practicing she got the hang of it. Due a war with the elves on the opposite side of the island, Nam became a Queen in a real short time after that. Mature for her age, she rules with steady hand. Now at the end of her story arc she just ignores her duties whenever her men are distracted, plays games, eats junk food and draws. Mostly wants to hide that is a reigning Queen, dressing casually for anyone who sees her.

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