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Myriam McFly

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Myriam McFly, a spiritual hollistic VTuber Witch , had her VTuber debut in March 2022 after being a german speaking facecam streamer for 6 years before that. With her vTuber Persona, she was able to turn her great passion for cottagecore and witchcraft into her aesthetic.

She may look wholesome, but her stream is 18+ for a reason.

When she is not playing variety games she is drawing a lot or talking about spirituality or BL.

There is a special redeem in her stream where you can summon her OC from her Boys Love story, which she then roleplays.

She is originally from Luxembourg and is probably the only VTuber of that small country to this day, as she has never met any other VTuber from Luxembourg.

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Myriam always knew that there was more than this world she lived in. As a child she was already interested in healing crystals, tarot, astrology and witchcraft. But as she grew up, these things were forgotten as her mental health overturned her whole life. She lost hope of ever being happy as her unhealed self dragged the person she loved most into the abyss and lost him forever.

After many years, magic found its way back to her and suddenly she found new hope. As if a veil had been lifted, she suddenly realized what this world really was. A matrix in which many people were still trapped in their low vibrations and do not know how they can find their happiness.

On a day when her mind, body and spirit were more aligned than before, she found a river as she followed the call she heard in her heart.

It then continued like it said in her Song:

"My feet began to walk on water My hands became the rustling leaves And as I became the forest’s daughter For my old life did I grieve

I walked for many dappled hours As birds flew down to see their Queen I did not know it then but power Flowed from the ground to me, unseen

Then shadows danced ahead of me Music played within the trees Laughter echoed, loud and free Hands held mine and I could see"

The universe gifted her a Safe Space in. what she calls, the Woods of Shambala. A cute Cottage surrounded by Flowers. She is free to come and go to this Safe Space whenever she wants to as she was able to break out of the Matrix of her real world. She learned even more about spirituality and wanted to learn to Quantum Jump. As everything is possible in her safe space, in her world she build a flux capacitor (yea like the one from BTTF) and brought it to the cottage, strapped it to her Broom and attempted to jump timelines to find a dimension where she is with the one she loves. But the only Place she ended up to was the World of her BL Story where her own OC Angelus exists. She never tried to quantum jump again after this. She still has a lot to learn and wants to share her wisdom with her Mushroom Friends and Rats (her Followers) who show up sometimes in Shambala. She still has a lot to learn herself tho...

P.s: She has a secret place behind her Cottage where one special "Forest Fruit" grows which is dedicated to the one she still loves the most. Please do not ask her about this Fruit tho. If she becomes sad, Shambala may vanish for a while.

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