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Mui Regalia

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Mui Regalia is an English Vtuber who streams Art, games, and Chatting. She streams JRPG and anime-styled Mobile games. Mui is known for her art streams, where she gives tips and stories. She enjoys voice acting as well, and will voice act for story games. Mui has illustrated her own model, rigged, and made her own emotes.

Current games Mui are playing is Arknights and had plans to finish the YS and Trails series. Every wednesday, Mui has an art stream where she engages with chat while she works on commissions.

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Mui was born into a rich family and desperately wanted to be the bride to the Demon Lord. Believing that it will be like the visual novels, where she will be happily married. Only finding out she has become one of his thousand wives, in solitude in a room by herself as his concubine. She becomes a neet, and picks up the ways of streaming and draws her fanfictions to share online.

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