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MsSaltyGiggles is a female frog Vtuber who streams as the main character in her upcoming comics/novel story: Kaioka Okouna. MsSaltyGiggles is the streamers original stream tag, and she didn't transition to Vtubing until May 2021. Although using a Vtuber model to stream, MsSaltyGiggles presents as herself & her own personality. She does not play a character role when streaming.

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Kaioka is one of two frog girls created in the Cyber City to be elite fighting soldiers against the rebel clans. Born in hyperbolic chambers and raised by the leader of the Cyber Armed forces, only referring to her as "mother." Kaioka and the two other girls: Miko & Natsuki, although mixed with different genes, grew up to be sisters. All girls shared one unique trait shared by being mixed with frog genes: frog legs! The girls where fed a false history of the Cyber City and the rebel clans. They believed they were fighting on the side of good, until one day Kaioka stumbled upon secret prison quarters. A frog prisoner shackled to the wall, beaten and exhausted urges Kaioka to find the truth after confronting her about where she thought her legs came from. Kaioka filled with doubt and curiosity, convinces her sisters to runaway from the Cyber City in search of the truth. This is where they find the Frog Clan, known as the Okouna. After discovering the truth, Kaioka and her sisters take on the name of the Frog clan. Thus becoming, Kaioka Okouna.

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