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Momozora Seina

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Momozora Seina is an independent female VTuber. She can speak Spanish and English.

She was affiliated with Aetheria, formerly a member of the 1st Generation of the previous CyberLive alongside Kaneko Lumi, Amaris Yuri, Utano Pandora and formerly Ayane Hylo.

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My mom [the Pixie Queen] met a nice, young MC [my dad]. They hit it off right away and had me, Seina! My parents and I had a great time in the isekai world. Unfortunately, my mom discovered MC's huge harem and divorced him!!! Me and my dad moved back into the Human Realm. When I turned 18, my dad went to get some milk from the convenience store. I don't know what's taking him so long though... It must be some really good milk!

Now that I'm an adult, I want to bribe the isekai Gods into letting back in their Realm. Should I go find my dad? Or should I go back to my mom?

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