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Mochi is a Shakespearean VTuber of high quality and high memory recall creating a comfy calming environment for all.

As a God Class VTuber, Gods get their power from worship. Not a lot of people are worshipping gods now a days. So VTubing is a way of fixing that.

Odin's fave son. Betrayed by those he trusted. Resurrected on Judgement day. The Norse Jesus of VTubing.

"It's better to wear your heart on your sleeve." ~MochizukiBaru

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Mochi is the reincarnation of the Norse God Baldr who's death was a part of the first chain of events that lead to the destruction of the Gods at Ragnarok. He once had the greatest ship ever built and is destined to be reborn in the new world. He is one of the wisest and fair spoken of the Gods.

In time for Ragnarok, Baldr's consciousness has awoken. The God of light... ...son of Odin He who's light has been dimmed... shine brightly... once more.

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