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MMOBossVesperVT is a male VStreamer who produces content in English. Vesper plays a variety of games, specializing in roguelikes and soulslikes. Their androgynous design is inspired by medieval fantasy vampires, as well as MMORPG games with dungeon raid content. They play the part of an outdated NPC raid boss.

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Prince Vesper Alaric Inmortuae is the final boss of the Hallowvale Castle Dungeon raid in the MMORPG Realms of Conquest. The dungeon was endgame content during the video games initial release, and the VampLord Vesper was a popular boss. After years of new expansion releases he's faded into obscurity due to power creep. Standing around in an empty boss room grew was rather boring and he's instead on a quest to reclaim his lost relevancy and receive a fabled 'buff'!

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